Crank 2 Web Advertisements Powered By Twitter?

Lionsgate Pictures made news by being the first movie studio to premiere new content (a Crank 2 poster) on Twitter. And now it appears that the studio is basing part of their internet advertising campaign around the micro-blogging site. While browsing the web, I cam across the above Crank 2 google ad for Crank: High Voltage, which features a rotating feed from the official Lionsgate movies twitter account.

I'm not sure how promoting the Lionsgate twitter account will get more people to buy tickets to the sequel (especially when some of the messages are just the Lionsgate Twitter publicist talking to random twitter users about who-knows-what), but I thought it was an interesting idea. I think it would be cooler to have the advertisement grab random mentions of Crank 2 in real time from around the Twitterverse.