Star Trek Gets PG-13 Rating, New Photos Released

I'm trying to catch up on some of the news I missed while I was running around the Las Vegas casinos at ShoWest. While I was in Vegas, Paramount Pictures has announced that JJ Abrams' Star Trek has been rated PG-13 for "sci-fi action and violence and brief sexual content". The rating isn't much of a shock. I don't think anyone was expecting an R-Rated movie. The studio has also released three new production photos, two of which can be seen after the jump.

Star Trek Nero

Star Trek Kirk Snow

One grew up in the cornfields of Iowa, fighting for his independence, for a way out of a life that promised only indifference, aimlessness, and obscurity. The other grew up on the jagged cliffs of the harsh Vulcan desert, fighting for acceptance, for a way to reconcile the logic he was taught with the emotions he felt. In the far reaches of the galaxy, a machine of war bursts into existence in a place and time it was never meant to be. On a mission of retribution of the destruction of his planet, its half-mad captain seeks the death of every intelligent being, and the annihilation of every civilized world.Kirk and Spock, two completely different and unyielding personalities, must find a way to lead the only crew, aboard the only ship, that can stop him.Star Trek hits theaters on May 8th 2009.