Michael Caine Says We Probably Won't See A Dark Knight Sequel Until 2012

The public expectation has been that Christopher Nolan's sequel to The Dark Knight to hit theaters in the Summer of 2011, but Michael Cain, who plays Alfred in the series, thinks it might take a little longer.

"All I know is that Christopher Nolan, who writes and directs Batman is doing a picture called Inception, and I'm not in it. So I think another Batman film is a long long way off. Long Way. I would say three years, must be."

The timetable is very short, and if Warner Bros were to announce a Summer 2011 release date for Batman 3, Nolan would be forced to begin principal photography before Inception is even finished post production. I've always said it, and I'll say it again, Summer 2012 is much more likely. Ad besides, we don't really want Nolan and crew to rush another film, do we?