Two New Posters Amuse And Impress: The Girlfriend Experience And The Graves

It's a good day for fans of those floppy things you can attach to the bedroom wall with blu-tack – or, more accurately, those things you gawp at in a browser window while wishing for the old days when you could actually reach out and touch the pretties. Two new posters have amused and impressed me this evening, in fairly different ways.

The first of them is for Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience and comes from Vulture, the other is for Bryan Pulido's The Graves and showed up on Neil Gaiman's blog – you'll see why – and both of them are hidden away under the break for you to enjoy too.

The poster for The Girlfriend Experience has a good few brilliant factors, from the (R) mark to the barcoding in the bottom left corner but perhaps best of all is the spotty overlay that seduces you into staring and staring and trying to see what on earth is hiding in all of those dots, through the illusory cutaway. Perhaps somebody more skilled with Photoshop than I can slip the dots free of the big face in the background and give us a better look.


It's a great tagline too, 'See It With Someone You ****'. Blurring the distinction between the two four letter words you probably thought of first all (one of them starting with an F, the other with an L, right?) is a great way to evoke the core idea of this film. The Girlfriend Experience is about a prostitute that doesn't just deliver on the dirrty, she dresses it up with the trappings of a relationship too. Fascinating material, and herein stylishly implied.

Talking of great taglines, there's some corking text on the poster for The Graves too.


Now do you see why it popped up on Neil Gaiman's blog? Which do you prefer, then – Moore or Gaiman? I'm less of a Moore man and more of a Gaiman man, which is not only true but also quite nice to say fast, over and over and over.

The film's director, Bryan Pulido, is a prolific comics man himself, having created Lady Death and Evil Ernie and being the founder of Chaos! Comics. The Graves is his debut feature film and revolves around two sisters, Megan and Abby Graves, their comix loving sorority under threat of extinction from nasty people and oogy boogy things during a visit to a roadside attraction. If the film is as fun as its poster it will be quite fun indeed, definitely worth a chuckle and a Friday night rental. I look at that picture and I smell cult.