Bruno Features A Veritable Band Aid Line Up Of Music Stars

This is odd: a new story in The Mirror seems to be suggesting that Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno is still a work in progress whereas just the other day we were talking about it's submission to, and subsequent controversial certification by, the MPAA. Rather than presuming the entire story is bunkum, I'm thinking that The Mirror are just tangling a few things up or missing out the few facts that would help it all make sense. Either that or – shock horror – the MPAA are in the business of giving ratings to incomplete films.

Their report tells us that during the film, Bruno records a charity record called Dove of Peace. It's reportedly a satire on the Band Aid-style collaborative charity track, and both Bono and Chris Martin have recorded contributions, with other stars lined up to take part too.

This weekend, Sting and The Village People are scheduled to stop by Abbey Road and record their bits and pieces, Elton John and Madonna are rumoured to be pencilled into the diary for some point later on.

According to The Mirror, Chris Martin was "in stitches" and could barely record his lines for corpsing. No mention of Bono finding it so uproarious – not like him to be stoical, eh? The one line from the song the report quotes is obviously mildly amusing, but hardly side-splitting stuff:

For people of Africa who live in hell/ They will never wear Chanel

There must be something better in the rest of the song. Anyway, the point here isn't really the specifics, but the general concept and what Cohen and crew are using it to say. Kudos to these musicians and stars for seeing the joke and playing along.

Do They Know it's Christmas is a pretty easy target, but I don't think it's necessarily an honest one – the egos caught in the song's orbit, however, are surely fair game. Incidentally, my favourite take-off of the charity record so far wasn't really satirising the songs. Click over here to watch Jarvis Cocker and Martin Wallace's video for Pulp's Bad Cover Version so you can see it and love it for yourself.