Warner Bros Announces New Matrix Sequel: The Matrix Resurrection

Tuesday was the tenth anniversary of The Matrix, and Joel Silver made a surprise appearance tonight at ShoWest to announce that Warner Bros has officially greenlit a fourth Matrix Film. Produced by Silver, based on a treatment from The Wachowski Brothers, and directed by James McTeigue, The Matrix: Resurrection will be written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

Resurrection is expected to explore more religious philosophy and explain the meaning of life.  When an evil virus which is injected into the Matrix mainframe by a renegade group of hackers lead by Robert Pattinson, Neo must return from "the dead" to stop the mass corruption and travel back in time to save the world.  Keanu Reeves has not yet signed on to the project, but Silver is hopeful that he will return alongside some of the other trilogy cast members, also not signed. Sam Worthington is on board to play the computer virus named Sloof Lirpa.

McTeigue plans to shoot the film, the first of two new trilogies (yes, six films), using an advanced performance capture process similar to the tech used on James Cameron's Avatar. Silver also claims that the Wachowski's have created a new rig called "the Bullettime Globe" which will allow the camera to move around an actor, in real time, in any direction, in a full 360 degree sphere. Take a look at the first MUST SEE concept image from the presentation, available after the jump.

April Fools...

The above story is a complete fabrication...

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