TRON Sequel Will Be Titled... TRON?

What is the title of the Tron sequel? The original test footage that premiered at Comic Con was titled TR2N. Since there have been rumors that the film has been retitled TRON 2.0. But during the Disney presentation at ShoWest, Disney presented a new logo that just read TRON. I tried to scribble the logo design into my notebook and reproduce it quickly in photoshop. Yes, I know it doesn't look too good, but it's all I had time for.

They showed the same clip shown at comic con in 3D, complete with the old TR2N working logo. Principal photography doesn't begin for a few weeks. I think consumers will be extremely confused with Disney giving the sequel the same as the original film. I can't think of any big movie off the top of my head that has done this.  This might just be the working title for the film, who knows.