Simon Pegg Watch - The World's End, Paul, Ice Age 3 And Star Trek

Entertainment Weekly have done alright by Simon Pegg fans this weekend, publishing a mini-interview that offers at least some new information on four of his upcoming projects (and name drops Tintin too). So far, info on The World's End has been truly scarce so I find anything – even the tiniest scrap – very welcome indeed.

In case you don't know it by title – yet – The World's End will be the next collaboration between Pegg and Edgar Wright, the last flavour in their triple-Cornetto run of genre benders. Nothing much at all was known of this one so far, but Pegg has now at least given us some indication of when he'll get to work on the film, and what kind of themes it will explore.

If Shaun of the Dead was about leaving your 30s and taking responsibility and Hot Fuzz was about being a man, then the next one will be about being an old man, being f*cking 40, which I am approaching. Edgar isn't, the little bastard.

Pegg says that he hopes to work on the film this autumn, and while it isn't specified if that would be in terms of production starting or screenwriting resuming simply isn't specified, I'd imagine he's talking about scripting. Chance are that Edgar Wright won't be through with post on Scott Pilgrim until at least this time next year, so while typewriter time could likely be found in the meantime, I don't expect Wright to be stepping back behind the camera anywhere near as soon as this autumn. Though, of course, I hope I'm wrong and the script is already done and shiny and ready to go and Wright is gonna make like Soderbergh and start whipping the projects out triple quick time.

Here's a round-up of what Pegg had to say about other projects:

  • He saw Star Trek a couple of weeks back and "walked out of there like a wreck. It was amazing."
  • His voice role in Ice Age 3 is as "a slightly unhinged, swashbuckling weasel" called Buck who "had an altercation with this dinosaur he calls Rudy". This cost Buck an eye and Rudy a tooth and their feud, to me, sounds like it's heading for a somewhat biblical climax.
  • Buck has lost his mind, but Pegg says "It's always fun to play a loony." That's Buck at the head of the page, courtesy of an image I found on Peggster, a very, very good Simon Pegg fansite. The other image is of Pegg "being" Buck.
  • Paul appears to be set for a June start date. Pegg cracks that it will be "a very intellectual treatise on identity in America... and aliens."