Bill Hader Has A Part In Paul - Is It As Paul Himself?

The last time we had any significant news on Paul, the Greg Mottola sci-fi comedy written by and starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, we found out that the film was to feature lotsa CG effects and most likely end up R-rated. This time around, something a bit less vague. CHUD have discovered that Bill Hader is likely to take a role in the film.

Hader was a guest on The BS Report and talking to an on-message, seemingly disinterested Bill Simmons. Of course, this is probable casting is hardly huge news, but it is good news. CHUD also mention almost offhandedly that Hader has, allegedly, taken in part in motion capture tests as Paul himself, the film's titular extra terrestrial. Odd that they just toss that potentially key fact off as a near aside. Why does CHUD reporter Russ Fischer lack confidence in this? Have plenty of others been testing out too? What can you tell us, Mr. Fischer?

So, Paul aside was there any more nifty news in this entire episode of the by-name, by-nature BS Report? Yes there was, as it happens, but again only a crumb: Hader also mentioned the slasher script he's been working on.

Reportedly, a draft has been completed, with co-writer Simon Rich, and submitted. Now he waits. And so do we. But not Bill Simmons. If he's waiting for anything other than, you know, death, I doubt it has anything to do with Bill Hader. (Wouldn't it be ironic if, you know, future generations find this post via Google just after Bill Hader is imprisoned for the murder of Bill Simmons? Wow. Not... that... I'm... suggesting...)

Nobody at the BS table mentioned the Vigilante 'parody' Hader and Mottola were working on at least as far back as last summer. Shame.

Adventureland has been rather over-stressed of late, I feel, but everybody sensible who has seen it appears to love it, and love Mottola too. So, can we now please, please have a decent release for The Daytrippers on DVD? Even a half decent one would be better than the out-of-print crock shovelled out last time around.