Cool Stuff: Jon Favreau's Geek Tour Of His House

I'm a collector, always have been, always will be. I'm the kinda guy who has action figures on my computer desk, movie posters on my walls, a wall of dvds and a few select sideshow collectibles on my book shelf. I always find it interesting to learn about other geek's collections, or even better, geek directors. At Comic Con, Zack Sndyer admitted that he owns a life-size Han Solo frozen in carbonite. Guillermo Del Toro has a whole second home that houses his geeky memorabilia. Jon Favreau had some extra time as he gears up for production on Iron Man 2 and gave a tour of some of the geeky memorabilia in his home.


The photos include Stan Winston's Iron Monger maquette which was created for Iron Man, a Signed photo of Ronald Reagan inscribed with the famous line from Swingers, "You're so money!", Daniel Batema's helmet from The Replacements, and the Narwal maquette from Elf by Chiodo Bros (Favreau was the voice). And where did he do this? On Twitter. Just another reason to follow Favs. Oh, and did I mention that you can follow us on Twitter at

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