Fan Created Star Trek Posters?

Update: Apparently the posters are real after all.ScreenWeek has some cool, most likely fan created, posters for JJ Abrams' Star Trek. The posters make use of some previously released character images and trailer shots, which is why I'm pretty sure they are fan created photoshops. The tagline "The Future Begins" was a previous working title for the film, and I haven't seen it used on any of the marketing materials yet. I could be wrong.

Anyway, I thought they were cool enough to post regardless of their legitimacy. The Spanish-language poster above shows San Francisco, the future home of Starfleet Academy, being attacked by a energy beam from Nero's Romulan ship echoing a shot from the film's theatrical trailer. Two more after the jump.

star trek posters not sure

Found via thanks to /Film reader Pierpaolo F.