Jody Hill Has An Idea For A Foot Fist Way Prequel/Spin-Off?

While doing interviews for his new movie Observe & Report, director Jody Hill revealed that he has toyed around with doing a prequel/spin-off of The Foot Fist Way, the indie comedy that caught Hollywood's attention and made Danny McBride a star. Hill wants to return and tell the story of Chuck "The Truck" Wallace (Ben Best), who appears in Foot Fist as a coked-up, Chuck Norris-like, faded Kung Fu movie legend who has been reduced to signing autographs at conventions.

Hill tells Chud that he would like to see The Truck's former glory. Described as "sort of like Boogie Nights where it spans the 70s and 80s, back when Chuck Norris was [big] and they were first televising martial arts." Hill would like to film it like a "Behind the Music thing" where you see his Chuck go from being "a young boy who rises to fame in tournaments."

Sounds like a cool idea, but not too fleshed out, more in the conceptual stages. I'd rather see it as a narrative story than a mockumentary, which sounds like it could get annoying fast. But if Observe & Report is going to be the smash that some people are predicting, I don't see Hill returning to do a lower budget comedy any time soon.