Sorority Row Movie Trailer

Hey look, it's another horror film for the Ed Hardy and Axe Body Spray set. The first trailer for Sorority Row, the remake of 1981's The House on Sorority Row starring Carrie Fisher and Rumer "Jaws of Life" Willis, is ready for your hungry eyes. It's probably not worth a quibble, but why remake this film if the fun premise of the original is being ditched: Sorority girls kill their elderly "house mother" accidentally, still reluctantly throw a bitchin' party as scheduled, and the old bag comes back to cane them all to death? As pathetically seen here, Rumer & Co. have one of their girls play dead and then she gets hilariously tummy-stabbed IRL. Cut out the title's "House" and cue a generic, vengeful murderer-in-hooded-poncho straight out of Like, I Know What You Did Last Summer. How much do you think this will open with at the box office? Check out the trailer after the jump.

Sorority Row kills brain cells without the necessary satisfaction on October 2, 2009.