Imagine That Movie Poster With Eddie Murphy

On last night's SNL, alum and host Tracy Morgan played a fictional off-off-Hollywood producer promoting a kids movie entitled Rocket Dog. Pathologically fluent in showbiz hustle, Morgan's would-be maven lobbed impossibly straight answers to questions involving the countless doggie (and human) deaths that occurred during production. Nor was it of much concern that his feature film only clocked in at 38-minutes, 10-minutes of which were allotted to a fuzzy "TV playing Bravehart." Like Dan Akroyd's Irwin Mainway and his "Bag O' Glass," Morgan's maven is the gross embodiment of American success as 99% cute marketing. The ironic tagline he yelled with Tourette-like consistency: "Houston, we have a dog!"

After the jump is the first one-sheet to Eddie Murphy's summer vehicle, Imagine That. The tagline: "What if your daughter's imagination...was the secret to your success?" Enticing. And yet, the poster fails to explain how this premise leads Murphy's dad to unwittingly wear his daughter's colorful tights underneath his mundane business attire. Moreover, his daughter's more sparkly intimates sneak into his briefcase! The work of an imported magic skull or a job for To Catch a Predator?