LOL: Trekkie Angered At New Star Trek Movie's Inaccurate Representation Of Futuristic San Francisco

In the recent Star Trek trailers, they showed shots of Starfleet Academy, which is based in a futuristic version of San Francisco. Being a resident of the bay area myself, I paused the exact moment in the 1080p version of the trailer to see how much detail they put into the establishing shot. In the foreground, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge, and if you look closely enough, you can spot Coit Tower and the Palace of Fine Arts, hidden somewhere in between the mega-futuristic skyscrapers and the very accurate San Francisco fog (click on the image above to see it in more detail). My reaction was "cool." I was just amazed that they snuck some of the old school San Francisco landmarks into a shot which might only play for a few seconds on the big screen. But some Trekkie on YouTube is pissed off about the impossibility of the size of the buildings. Someone needs to tell this guy that it's just a movie. Watch the video after the jump.

via: SFist