Bryce Dallas Howard Wants To Star In An Adaptation Of The Luna Brother's The Sword

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In a recent chat with G4, Bryce Dallas Howard geeks out about her love (and cyber stalking) of the Luna Brothers, and says that she would love to star in a big screen adaptation of one of their comic book creations, of which The Sword seemed particularly of interest. The comic is a modern day based fantasy story about a trio of siblings looking for a unique sword which they believe to be in the possession of a young paraplegic college student named Dara Brighton. Two trade paperbacks are available for those interested, Fire (which collects issues #1-6) and Water (which collects issues #7-12). Howard is hot in Hollywood right now (appearing next in Terminator Salvation), so I wouldn't be surprised if one of the studios make a bid on the comic property. But at 28-years old, could Bryce still pull off the role of a college student?