Several News Bits Under One Vague Headline - Don't Miss Out, Come On In, The Water's Lovely

To give you some kind of idea what kind of stories have been making news in the last twelve hours or so, here's a sample from The Hollywood Reporter:

Dreamworks has acquired an untitled college-set comedy script by newcomer scribe Chris McCoy.

And that's all they can tell us about the film, really. When it goes on to be your favorite film of all time, though, you can think back fondly on this lost moment and let out a wistful sigh.

So – bearing the caliber of tonight's stories in mind – it has been decided to make one post with a big, untidy pile of this half-news and let you pick through it yourself. There's one hidden gem in there, I promise, but you'll have to decide for yourself which it is. Honest. I'm not just trying to get you to click and go below the fold.

Here are the important pieces of information in a line, with each of them given a bullet – like some kind of film blog equivalent of a firing squad.

  • Back to THR and their Julia Roberts/Jesus story. Fireflies in the Garden director Dennis Lee is to adapt his short film Jesus Henry Christ into a feature. Plot: "Henry James Hermin, a boy conceived in a petri-dish and raised by a loving, left-wing feminist. At the age of 10, he decides his mother's love is not enough and begins to follow a trail of Post-It notes stuck around town hoping it will lead him to his biological father". Roberts is to co-produce, has no current plans to star.
  • Variety inform us that Malin Akerman (2/5) and Ryan Phillippe (4/5) are set to star in The Bang Bang Club. Plot: Four famous war photographers capture the end of South African Apartheid and all of the bad stuff that went down around then. Akerman is their photo editor, Ryan Phillippe is snapper Greg Marinovic, who co-wrote the source memoir, and Taylor Kitsch of Wolverine is Kevin Carter, as featured in the Manic Street Preachers' song.
  • Alfonso Arau is to direct Little Chicago, a mob drama about the bootlegging ops in Olean, a tiny town of just 5000 (thirsty?) folk. Despite the low population count, the battle to run the show in Olean somehow managed to cost 71 people their lives over just two short years. Variety tell us that Carl Veno is writing the screenplay from one chapter of his non-fiction book, Invisible Ink.
  • DreadCentral had their ears open and their blog engines running at the Fangoria Weekend of horrors, from which they report some Ruggero Deodato news. After a sixteen year break it seems he is gearing up to make another feature and has apparently scripted three potentials.  They report that Deodato considers them all to be in the giallo genre, but there's one of them he likes in particular. He said "It is a more serious take on the giallo – it is not crazy like some of the recent Dario Argento pictures. It is very realistic although it still has the violence which the fans will expect."
  • An Australian time traveller called Craig wants us to know that the way temporal trekking is portrayed in the movies isn't strictly accurate. Time magazine – aptly enough – want to track him down.
  • Elisabeth Moss is one of the people on Mad Men and therefore, the internet finds her incredibly sexy. She has now joined the cast of Marc Lawrence's Did You Hear About the Morgans?, alongside Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant. The Hollywood Reporter tell us that Moss will be taking the role of Grant's PA (in the film, at least – not sure about ont he set), and that Grant and Parker will play a couple relocated uner witness protection.
  • And that, I think, is enough for now. Keep up the good work, Craig.