Watchmen Graffiti Or Underground Street Marketing?

The words "Who Watches The Watchmen?" have begun to appear spray-painted on walls around New York City. There is no evidence that Warner Bros is paying underground street marketing teams to tag the catchphrase around the city. It is possible that renegade vandals are to blame, but I would find that hard to believe that they just decided to start tagging the city with this text the same week of the film's release. Photos above via: davesbu, kellan, kellerkeller, and bonerjamz. More after the jump.

watchmen doorway graffiti

Most likely unrelated: In Toronto, silhouettes of Night Owl II and Silk Spectre II are found in various ally ways, mimicking one of the scenes from the film. If you look closely at JenM32's photo on the left, you will see a posted fake advertisement for "The Veidt Method". The photo to the right thanks to Jesusio101.

Update: HermitHomeboy has sent me the alternative photo of the Toronto photo above:


via: Splash Page