Video Blog: The Oscars And The Future Of Batman Movies

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Throughout the week I have super-geeky conversations with Steve from Collider, and we've decided to bring the conversations onto the site. In today's video blog, we talk about Sunday night's Academy Awards (for about four minutes) and then we have an in depth discussion about the future of the Batman franchise. 

We talk about what is actually going on behind the scenes right now with the development with a third film. We talk about where The Dark Knight leaves off, and what the next film might bring us. What are some of the possible villains? Could Joker of Two-Face return? Could their be more than two big villains? What will Warner Bros do after Nolan leaves? Justice League? Could Zack Snyder direct Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns? How about a Batman Beyond film? What directors could carry on the Batman franchise after Nolan. And much more.

Discuss: What Villains should be in the next Batman movie? What would you like to see happen? What director should take over the franchise after Nolan? Watch our video blow and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: I know we said last time that our future videos would be between 10-15 minutes. Well... we got carried away. This video dwarfs that time limit, and we've split it up over two videos (one above and one after the jump) or we've even included an audio version of the conversation below. I finally got a working headset, but the audio levels are still a little wonky. The whole thing is a work in progress. Oh, and I obviously haven't read Batman comics outside of the 4 big graphic novels (Arkham, Long Halloween, Dark Knight Returns, Year One) so please forgive my possible ignorance towards some of the comic characters mentioned.