Michael Bay, You Sir, Are A Liar: Megatron Returns In Transformers 2 And New MTV Featurette

Remember when Michael Bay said that Megatron wouldn't be in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?

CUT TO: Empire Magazine, January 2009


He's not in this movie. That's not misinformation.

CUT BACK TO: Today, Transformer fansite TFW2005's Message Boards


Megatron returns! Keep it quiet! :)

Michael Bay, you sir are a liar! And that's part of the reason we love you. That and your ability to blow shit up in impossible locations around the world and capture it on the screen like a ADD chimpanzees with a 35mm camera. Okay, we're over it. After the jump, you will see a new featurette that aired on MTV on Saturday  and introduces us to the world of Transformers.

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