Robert Rodriguez's Nerverackers Details Revealed

Last month word broke that Robert Rodriguez was involved in a mystery project called Nerverackers, set up at Dimension with an announced release date of April 16th 2010. We had no further information about the project, until now. Variety confirms that Rodriguez will write and direct the futuristic thriller which follows "a character named Joe Tezca who is part of an elite unit dispatched to quell a crime wave in a theoretically perfect future society" in the year 2085.

Rodriguez is known as a technically trained multihyphenate, who is able to produce fantastical special effects sequences on a budget much less than most other contemporary filmmakers. So a futuristic sci-fi film seems like the perfect arena for Rodriguez next. And this also basically confirms that Rodriguez will not be directing a Predator reboot, Sin City sequel, or Grinhouse Machete spin-ff... or at least not any time soon.