Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins Slyvester Stallone's The Expendables

WOW. Just when you thought Slyvester Stallone couldn't pack more action heroes in his upcoming action film The Expendables, AICN breaks the news that Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined the cast. But before you get too excited, we must warn you that it's only a cameo. Arnold is only filming one day, and he will be playing himself – California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. So don't expect to see Arnold getting his hands dirty. Also, Eric Roberts has apparently replaced Ben Kingsley as CIA agent Monroe.

The cast now includes Mickey Rourke, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren, Forest Whitaker, Eric Roberts and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The film tells the story about an "expendable" team, hired to do jobs that no one else can or will. The team is sent to infiltrate a South American country to overthrow the ruthless dictator and liberate the country.