Zac Efron, The Rock And Andy Flickman To Ruin Johnny Quest?

IESB has some new news regarding Warner Bros upcoming adaptation of The Adventures of Johnny Quest. Before we get into the news, let me remind you that the original Hanna-Barbera produced sci-fi animated tv show followed an eleven-year-old boy who accompanies his father on extraordinary adventures. So the question is, what can you possibly do to ruin this concept? How about casting 21-year-old High School Musical star Zac Efron as Johnny Quest?

And how about casting Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Race Bannon, Johnny's special agent bodyguard? The Rock tells IESB that the latest draft of the script is both "awesome" and "badass" and that "there's no one else who can be Race Bannon than me. There's no one else." Of course, this is after he just admitted that he hasn't read the latest draft, and was just going based on what the suits at Warner Bros told him ("Wow, I don't know if you've read the latest one but it's awesome and it's badass and I haven't read, this is what I told everyone over at Warner Bros."). Not a good sign at all.

To be fair, an earlier draft of the Johnny Quest script was listed on last year's Black List, which is basically a list of the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood. But don't worry, Johnson says that "there are just a couple of tweaks and changes that" need to be made first.

But lets forget about casting and story for a minute, because obviously, those things are important (yes, that was sarcasm). Who will direct this sci-fi action adventure adaptation? You need someone that is well versed in shooting action sci-fi, right? Andy Fickman is in talks to helm the project... you know, the guy who directed the Amanda Bynes teen romcom She's The Man and the horrible family sports comedy The Game Plan. Sounds like he would be a perfect fit, right? Oh, it doesn't? Hmmmm...