GhostSpy Revealed: Just A Car Commercial

You might remember a little while ago we wrote about a small blog that popped up called GhostSpy that was posting "spy footage" from a film production that by every indication, looked like it might be a new Ghostbusters movie. When we first posted about the site, we theorized that it was a live-action television commercial for the new Ghostbusters video game, and the viral site was setup to tirkc fans into following along until the full reveal.

I was half right. The production in question was a commercial, a foreign commercial for a French Citroen car. You can watch the commercial after the jump. It features a group of "hip/cool/young" Ghostbusters who are trying to capture a giant trash monster. The advertisement even makes use of a variation of the Ghostbusters theme song. I'm wondering if Reitman, Murray and Aykroyd okayed this kind of marketing. I'm guessing not.