The People Vs. George Lucas Teaser Trailer

I have never met anyone who loves George Lucas, but over my lifetime I've met countless Star Wars fanatics that blame him for ruining everything. It's kinda weird, that there is a hatred towards someone who created a universe that is loved by so many. It's kinda crazy if you really think about it. What happened? How did this happen? There is obviously much more to this story beyond Jar Jar and a bunch of Ewoks.Exhibit A Pictures has released the first first teaser trailer for The People vs. George Lucas, a documentary that "delves into the impassioned feelings and opinions expressed by fans and foes of legendary screen icon George Lucas, and the many debates surrounding his legacy." It looks like a talking head-style oc, but I'm sure any fans of the Star Wars films would be interested in checking it out (whenever it gets released). Plus, what other movie trailer would feature a song titled "George Lucas Raped Our Childhood"? I'm pretty sure this is going to be the only one (that is, unless they get greedy and make a sequel). Check out the trailer after the jump, and feel free to rant in the comments below.