Jonah Hill Sells Spec Script Adventurer's Handbook

Entertainment Weekly have the only information so far available on Jonah Hill and Max Winkler's big payday and the spec script that won them their golden deal. According to their piece, Hill and Winkler (yes, yes, he's Henry's son, not the deceased Polish mayor) have reportedly just sold a spec script called Adventurer's Club for a seven figure sum and after hooking the attention of "multiple studios".

While two of EW's sources claim that Universal have sealed the deal, Hill's people maintain that negotiations are still open – there's clearly some hype-mongering going down, on somebody's part. But what's this script actually about? And is it worth all of the fuss?

All we know is that the script "centers on four 20-something guys who, inspired by a book [the titular handbook], set out overseas in search of a mysterious location described in the book. The script was sent over on red, watermarked paper so it couldn't be photocopied" and that it has been described as "an edgy, broad comedy" that, judging from the pages, "looks R-rated".

...and that's it. So far.

A four 20-something guys ensemble suggests business as usual for the kind of film we typically see Hill appear in. Speculate amongst yourselves as to which actors these four guys might end being played by, but I'll put half of my chips on Hill himself and the other half on Paul Rudd – they're bound to come on board somewhere, surely?

If you've got a copy of the script, please send it over. I'd be fascinated to see what Hill and Winkler have dreamt up. They obviously felt very confident in their work to play hardball with the studios, and in turn that inspires confidence in me.

Hill's next acting role appears to be in a Duplass Bros. film, alongside Marisa Tomei and John C. Reilly. Boy – that one almost sounds too interesting to be true. Before then, though, we'll be seeing him in Funny People, Night at the Museum 2 and Ricky Gervais' The Other Side of the Truth or Invention of Lying or Bullsh*t or whatever the studio decides to call it.