Transformers 2: Devastator And Fallen Revealed

ACToys has gotten their hands on images of some of the most anticipated character's from Michael Bay's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Ever since it was rumored that Devastator would be in the film, fans have been clamoring to see what he might look at. When the Super Bowl teaser trailer hit and showed Optimus Prime being swung like a rag doll from just one of the huge contructicons that makes up this monster of a transformer, it got every-one's attention. Concept art for the completed Devastator has been discovered online, and the character appears to be made out of 7 different constructicon vehicles. We're going to keep the image after the jump as some people might want to be surprised at how the character looks in full transformation.

Also, a couple days back we posted photos of the toy for the film's main villain, the title character — The Fallen. Well ACToys also has better concept art showing this Decepticon in full light. Check it out after the jump.  Thanks to /Film readers Richard B, Melvin O, and Cole C for the tip.