Michael Bay Says Transformers 2 Will Be Bigger And Darker

Collider got a chance to talk to director Michael Bay on the red carpet, and the director talked about his highly anticipated Transformers sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Here are the six things I learned:

1. "It's bigger, and It's not just trying to be bigger to be bigger" ... "This one is Epic in scale" – After seeing the huge constructicon in the teaser trailer, we kinda expected this.

2. "The robots have much more personality." – Which was a common fan complaint of the first film. Bay blamed the technology, but now says they've figured out how to make the Transformers emote.

3. "I know the fans wanted it Darker, we made it darker..." – Sounds like this could be the Empire Strikes Back of the Transformers trilogy... speaking of which....

4. Bay says he would return for a third film, but he's taking a year off no matter what.

5. The running time is currently 2 hours and 20 minutes, but Bay is still deep into editing

And as you know, Bay shot three scenes of Transformers 2 using IMAX cameras. Bay calls the IMAX footage "Awesome" and teases with a grin firmly implanted on his face, "It's different when you see Optimus Prime fighting in IMAX! It's just very different!" Watch the full interview embedded below.