Trivia: Disney Wanted To Make A Computer Animated Nightmare Before Christmas 2

Coraline director Henry Selick tells cinecon that at one point Disney had been considering making a sequel to his 1993 stop-motion animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas, but they wanted to make it using computer animation.

"A few years back, Disney spoke to me and the sad thing was at the time, they said, 'If we do a sequel, it will have to be CG.' I was really disappointed. I asked why and they didn't think stop-motion was a viable way to make movies. I don't think they would say that now and I don't think Tim would allow a CG sequel. There's been a few stories proposed and a few discussion but that's really Tim [Burton]'s decision. John Lassiter, from Pixar, is heading up all Disney animation and he goes way back with Tim. He might possibly persuade Tim to do it. But I kind of think not."

A CG Nightmare Before Christmas sequel? I can't even imagine what such a movie would look like. And I agree with Selick, Burton would have never allowed it to happen.