Robocop On Hulu

Not a big football fan? Not excited about the Super Bowl ads? Paul Verhoeven's 1987 sci-fi classic Robocop is now available for free (for United States readers) on Hulu. Watch the full movie embedded after the jump.

Here is a bit of trivia thanks to IMDB:

  • Director Paul Verhoeven makes a cameo as a "wildly gesticulating guy in the dance club immediately after Leon tries to kick RoboCop in the crotch."
  • Screenwriter Edward Neumeier apparently came up with the idea for RoboCop after passing by the set of Blade Runner.
  • In one scene, a robber in the convenience store grabs is a comic book. The comic book he grabs is Marvel's Iron Man, which is also about a guy who wears a high-tech suit of armor to fight crime.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger was briefly considered for the role of RoboCop.
  • The Accused filmmaker Jonathan Kaplan was originally set to direct. David Cronenberg and Alex Cox both turned down an offer to direct.