Michael Bay Wants To See A War Between Transformers And Terminators

Could we see Optimus Prime take on many futuristic robots of the Terminator franchise? I doubt it, but Michael Bay seems to think its a good idea.

"I would love to see my robots take on Terminators," writes Bay on his online message board, after admitting that he's "excited to see Terminator [Salvation]" and "really loves this whole franchise", especially "the work of Bale."

I agree that the idea is completely ridiculous. But if you had asked me 15 years ago if Freddy would ever fight Jason in an actual movie, I would have said no. Same goes with the war between Predator and Aliens. Both series made for fun comic book stories, but I never, ever, expected Hollywood to bring the crossovers to the big screen.So the question is — Would you be interested in seeing the Transformers take on the Terminators in a big screen movie?

Thanks to /Film reader Timelordthewhite for the tip.