/Film Featured In Attack Of The Show's Best Movie Blogs

G4's Attack of the Show aired a segment on today's show called The Best Movie Blogs. /Film was one of three sites featured, alongside The Movie Blog and Chud. Video after the jump.

I want to thank the producers of Attack of the Show for including us. I really appreciate it as I've been watching the show for what seems like a decade (I just looked it up and it has in fact been a decade... I'm getting old). For those who don't remember, before the most recent incarnation, Attack was a small computer tech call in show called The Screen Savers. This was before G4 ate Tech TV, and before Kevin Rose went from being a tech guy on the small tech call-in show to the creator of one of the biggest websites on the internet. I even attended one of the shows live when they use to have live studio audiences in their San Francisco studio... those were the days.