Jenkins And Whitford Log On To Drew Goddard's Cabin In The Woods

Drew Goodard's Cabin in the Woods is finally showing signs of progress to the outside world, with the casting announcement of two supporting roles. Richard Jenkins (above left) has signed, and Bradley Whitford (above right) is close to signing, for two associated roles as "white-collar co-workers with a mysterious connection to the cabin". I love Jenkins in particular and hope that this is a good sized part for him.

The Cabin screenplay is by both Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon, which pretty much guarantees a high level of invention, wit, relevance and quality craftsmanship; on the other hand, it also keeps Goddard in the shadow of Whedon, at least as far as press coverage goes, for another year or so. To try and push down on the other side of the scales just a little, I'm not going to mention the W word even one more time in this post. Promise.

I haven't read any of his comics work so you'll have to tell me if he excels in that field too.

Cabin in the Woods was described as "The horror movie to end all horror movies", but I can't attribute that quote to the particular genre genius who spat it out – for reasons made clear above. I thought a similar thing about Heathers when I first saw it (back on release – that's how old I am) but, instead of completely crashing the teen movie and requiring it be given a total overhaul, never to be recognised again, is simply launched a wave of imitators. See also Scream and the fall out there.

He who shall not be named has announced that shooting will begin in March. We can hope for a release date by Halloween, just like we did for Trick'r Treat... year after year.

Watch this space for the imminent casting of the lead roles.