/Film Adds New Blogger: Brendon Connelly

I've always believed that one of the things that makes /Film different than most other movie websites and blogs on the internet is that we have a smaller staff, and the content is a little bit more personal. And that's one of the reasons I've always been hesitant about hiring new writers. I've also been unwilling to bring someone aboard the team that didn't have an extensive knowledge of film. I first started reading Brendon Connelly's writing on on a now defunct blog called FilmIck. Not only does Connelly have an extensive knowledge of film, but he reads almost as many websites as I do (which is a task in itself).

Hunter has always said that blogging is almost like pinball. Everyone is just re-purposing content with their own unquie spin. The stories bounce their way across the interwebs, going from site to site. Brendon is able to do something that a lot of writers I read are unable to do — He is able to find a buried lead or find a story that no one else has found, hidden somewhere in the depths of the internet. His opinion is sometimes a little too film-snobbish for me to agree with (please, don't get him started on The Dark Knight or Slumdog), but I find myself coming back to him time and time again to read his thoughts. With that I'm proud to welcome Brendon to the /Film team. He will begin writing this week, providing a bit of news coverage on a daily basis. Here is a mini bio about Mr. Connelly:

"With day jobs teaching Film, Media and Film Making Workshops as well as making music videos, shorts, event videos and other assorted bric-a-brac, Brendon Connelly wonders how he ever found the time to clock up an astounding 4,000 film blog posts in the last couple of years. Though many of his posts focused on genre film, Connelly says he could easily shrug off the giant robots, capes, martial artists and masked killers.  Zombies, on the other hand...those he could never give up. Connelly lives with his wife Rachael and their dog Delhi in Oxford, England. While he prefers a DVD on the TV at bed time, Rachael does not. Delhi Dog, however, doesn't seem to notice either way, though she is quite fond of biscuits and a good scratch on the bum."

Please welcome Brendon to /Film!