Anne Hathaway Named Best Actress On Golden Globes Website

Earlier today people noticed something strange on the Official Golden Globe's websiteAnne Hathaway was marked as the winner for Best Actress in a Drama. But the Award winners won't be announced until Sunday night. Some websites reported that the Hollywood's foreign press had made a big slip up, but I believe it is more than likely just an error on the part of the site's webmaster. You will notice that the above list is in alphabetical order.

I'm guessing that whomever designed the page set it up so that the winner's name would be moved to the top of each nominated award list after the awards are concluded. This way users will easily be able to skim the list and look at the top highlighted name of each nominated award for the winner.

Both the Oscars and the Golden Globes have extremely tight security, and I'm willing to bet that the person changing the results on the official website won't find out the winners until the exact same moment we do. To believe that they were given the complete list of winners ahead of time to set up the page would be ridiculous. It would be a huge security risk, a risk they are no willing to take.

Hathaway's name has since been unhighlighted. The funny thing is that Hathaway might have a chance of winning. And if she does, I imagine people will claim that the result was leaked online the week before the ceremony, despite the truth behind the story.