LOL: Robosapien Rebooted Movie Poster And Plot Synopsis

In 2007, we told you that producer Avi Arad was planning to make a movie based on the popular toy robot Robosapien. We didn't think it would actually happen, but hey, this is the same guy who is responsible for Elektra, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider and the Bratz movie. And with the success of Michael Bay's Transformers, everyone was trying to recapture the box office gold with toy to movie adaptations.

Well, yes, the movie is still happening. Actually its in post production. Quiet Earth points us to the production company website for Crystal Sky, which just released a movie poster and plot synopsis for the film, Robosapien Rebooted:

An inventor working for Kinetech Labs has designed a robot for search and rescue missions that has the ability to mimic human actions and emotions. After discovering that the robot's advanced microchip is actually going to be used by Kinetech for military applications, the inventor programs the robot to flee, whereupon it is damaged. Twelve year old Henry finds the broken robot, fixes him up and names him Cody. With no memory of his past, Cody becomes Henry's best friend, helping him win over his love interest, battle bullies and partake in some crazy fun. Cody quickly becomes a valuable part of Henry's family as he helps them forge better relationships with one another, and even surprises them by remodeling their home.

All the while, both the inventor and Kinetech are searching for Cody. Finally located, Cody is taken home by the inventor, to Henry and his family's dismay. Noting how upset Cody is to be apart from his new family, the inventor brings Cody back to Henry, where he meets Henry's mom. It's an instant love connection. Ultimately, one step behind, Kinetech kidnaps Henry's mom and the inventor. It's up to Henry and Cody to save their family and take down Kinetech once and for all. Produced By Avi Arad and Steven Paul, Screenplay By Max Botkin, Directed By Sean McNamara.

Wow, sounds like a disaster of 80's movie proportions. Robosapien: Rebooted is scheduled to hit theaters in 2009.