Watchmen Trial Moved Back

The Watchmen court trial has been pushed back two weeks to January 20th 2009, according to Variety. Los Angeles federal judge Gary Allen Feess also refused to make a pre-trial summary judgement, which was requested by both sides — Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox. The judge declared that he could not make a summary judgement because the contracts in question are so open to interpretation, and that a trial is required. All I know is that the trial date is slowly moving closer to the scheduled film release date in March. That can't be good.

Meanwhile, CHUD has seen the first 22 minutes of Watchmen at But-num-a-thon and came out surprised how much it looks and feels like a real movie, and not just "peed ramping and flashy money shots" as seen in the trailers. Devin says that the footage felt felt like "a calculated decision to convince the fans that Watchmen is not 300 with superheroes", and writes: "From what I've seen this isn't even remotely true at all. The footage is stylish – well shot, with rich visuals and dynamic compositions – but it looked more like a modern take on a noir film than anything else. What I saw was moody, sometimes muted. Snyder allows his takes to be long, eschewing a quick cut style that many seem to think would rule the day in this film." Read the full review on CHUD.