Mamma Mia! Marketing Invades America's Malls; DVD/Blu-Ray Makes $30 Million On First Day

So I was at the Burlington Mall this past weekend when I slowly started to hear the distinctive sounds of ABBA echoing throughout the hallways. As I got closer to the source of the music, I was surprised to discover four women dressed in Mamma Mia! T-shirts, walking around handing out "$3 off!" coupons for the DVD/Ray, and singing some of the greatest hits from the soundtrack. More importantly, two of them had TVs in their T-shirts. Yes. Working television screens. In their shirts.

I was able to whip out my Flip camera to record an ultra-brief interview I had with one of them. As my colleague Eric D Snider put it, "It's part woman, part machine, all monster!"

[flv: 400 300]

Turns out the strategy might have bore some fruit: According to Universal, Mamma Mia! sold over 2.25 million copies on DVD and Blu-Ray yesterday (December 16) alone. That's revenue of over $30 million in one day. To compare, The Dark Knight sold almost 3 million copies on its first day; significantly better, but The Dark Knight is one of the most successful films of all time. In short, Mamma Mia! continues to clean up in home video as it did in theaters (it's made over a half a billion worldwide). Maybe mobile karaoke teams in American malls will be the next big thing in home video advertising?

Discuss: Would these women motivate you to buy the new DVD / Blu-Ray of Mamma Mia!?