Will Tom Cruise Return As Les Grossman?

One of my favorite parts of Tropic Thunder was Tom Cruise as Hollywood Mogul Les Grossman. Cruise even earned a Golden Globe nomination for his comedic performance – who woulda thought? I would love to see a Tropic Thunder spin-off that takes place in the Hollywood world which would bring us more of Grossman's antics. Cruise doesn't say never, telling E! that "there could be more to do with that guy" before revealing that he has started to develop some short films starring the character with Thunder director/star Ben Stiller.

"I've talked about doing different videos with the character," Cruise said. "I've started working with Ben [Stiller] on it, and we've kind of talked about different things to do. We were gonna do some in our free time, but we haven't found the free time...yet."

I don't know about you, but I would love to see more than just a series of online viral music videos.