James Cameron Criticizes Tim Burton And 3D DVD Releases

James Cameron gave a keynote presentation at the 3D Entertainment Summit today, and took aim at Tim Burton, who is filming Disney's upcoming 3D adaptation of Alice in Wonderland using 2D cameras. Burton plans to convert the footage to 3D in post production, a decision that has angered and baffled the 3D community. "It doesn't make any sense to shoot in 2D and convert to 3D," Cameron said.

The Titanic filmmaker later attacked the industry's decision to release 3D films on DVD/Blu-ray with the old red and blue anaglyphic glasses. According to FirstShowing, Cameron said that such releases are "stunting 3D growth," and hurting the progression of the format. Amen. It's going to take a little while for the public to accept 3D films, and its going to take Hollywood a while to perfect the art of 3D filmmaking, and the release of old technology is counterproductive to the cause.

MarketSaw was also able to confirm that a movie trailer has yet to be cut for AVATAR as not enough footage is completed. Cameron claims he hasn't spoken to Fox about trailer placement but that there will be many opportunities in terms of 3D movies over Spring/Summer 2009.