LOL: Man Sentenced To Prison Time For Singing "Spiderpig" To Police Officers

Those who saw The Simpsons Movie know that Homer Simpson's oft-advertised singing of the song "Spiderpig" encapsulated either everything that was awesome with that film, or everything that was wrong with the Simpsons franchise as a whole (depending on how big of a fan you were at that point). I happen to fall in the latter category. Apparently, police from Blairgowrie, Perthshire may agree with me.

After a summer night of drinking, 22-year old David Mullen broke curfew while on bail and assaulted a police officer, which netted him eight months of jail.  But on top of that, while sitting in the police van, he started singing the song "Spiderpig," which he claimed to do because it was his ringtone. He also called an officer "ginger." For breaching the peace through these actions, he was recently sentenced to an additional three months in jail. This is unquestionably a stunning rebuke of The Simpsons Movie by the legal system. However, sadly, those around us that continue to quote The Simpsons ad nauseam remain unpunished.

source: BBC