Arrested Development Movie Set-Up At Fox Searchlight

An Arrested Development movie has always sounded like the wishful thinking of the television series hardcore fans. Over the years cast and crew have indulged, purportrated rumors, and continued the myth of an Arrested Development movie. I think I may have even made a posting proclaiming that an Arrested Development movie isn't going to happen, no matter how much the cast members say they would like to reunite.

And even after Jeffrey Tambor told Collider last week that the film was a "go", I remained skeptical. But much like dry land, the Arrested Development movie is not a myth. Creator and executive producers Mitch Hurwitz and Ron Howard closing a deal from the project at Imagine and Fox Searchlight. No more details are known at this time. In the series finale, Maeby tries to sell the television rights to the Bluth family's story to Ron Howard, who tells her that he instead sees it as a movie. So maybe the Arrested Development movie would pick up from there?

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source: THR