VOTD: The Muppets Take Over The Today Show

The Muppets Take Over The Today Show

The Pitch: If The Muppets hosted the Today Show, I'd probably watch it everyday. Unfortunately, I slept through the one time that The Muppets took over the Today Show. MSNBC has put some of the moments from that show online. In the first clip, above, The Muppets whatnots invaded and took over the NBC morning show. In the second clip, below, Statler and Waldorf offer Barack Obama their cabinet member choices, while Miss Piggy ties up Christopher Meloni, and Al Roker attacks Bobo the Bear. The third clip features a short performance from Harrick Connick Jr., and Kermit the Frog explains the Whatnot Workshop at FAO (which is basically, build a bear but with Muppet Puppets instead of teddy bears).

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