Geek Deal: 40% Off Criterion Collection DVDs

You can't be called a film geek or film snob unless you have a shelf of Criterion Collection DVDs on your DVD shelf. Criterion Collection is launching a new website on November 25th, and in the process, they are moving warehouses. To clear the way for the new site, Criterion is selling everything available on their current site at 40% off the retail price. That includes clothing ($10), posters ($15), mugs, totebags ($11), and of course every Criterion DVD in stock! Unfourtunately Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket isn't included in the sale :(.

I checked and compared against, and most of the DVDs are a lot cheaper in this sale. For instince, Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits is $29.95 MSRP, $35.99 on Amazon and $23.97 on Criterion's website.

Criterion will also pay for free shipping on orders over $50. This sale is strictly "while supplies last,". Sale ends Monday, November 24, at midnight.