Cool Stuff: Watchmen Tribute Art Show

The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society held a Watchmen tribute art show called "Children of the Watchmen" last week at Brave New World Comics in Philadelphia, PA. The show featured Watchmen-inspired art from some of the artists we've featured in past editions of Cool Stuff, like Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo.Dave Perillo created retro propaganda posters featuring Night Owl and Dr. Manhattan.

Left: Tom Whalen created a pin-up in his unquie profile view style of The Comedian.Right: Scott Derby's "Dear Diary..." shows Rorschach writing in his journal.

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Ed McKeogh created this wonderful retro Minutemen comic book [Left], combining "the sensibilities of the Watchmen with those of 1940s comics and pay homage to another great mid-'80s title that began it's run just before the Watchmen took off", "Silk Spectre & Friend" [Right], and Ozymandias taking down a couple thugs in pop art style [Bottom].

Left: You can see some color variations of Ian Glaubinger's "Sally Jupiter pin-up" on the artist's blogspot blog.Right: You can see the evolution of Mike Hiscox's "Silk Spectre" from Pencil to ink to color on DeviantArt.

Left: NecroAnomaly recreates a scene from Watchmen in cartoon form: Rorschach breaks into Daniel's (Nite Owl) apartment and begins eating beans.Right: Pat McMullen's cartoon "Who Watches Tricky Dick?" imagines what it would be like if Richard Nixon had read Watchmen.

Left: Joseph Game created a retro styled pin-up of Sally Jupiter.Right: Tim Durning's Dr. Manhattan might even look cooler than the one in Zack Snyder's movie adaptation. Check out his early sketch on the artist's blogspot blog.

All of the art will be collected into a comic book which was on sale for $3.00 the night of the exhibition.

I'm not sure if it will be made available for sale online, but if and when I find out, I'll sure to make an update on this post. Photos of the book above via MontyGog's Art-O-Rama. Check out MontyGog for more photos from the event.

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