Star Trek Trailer Description

Paramount was supposedly howing off the new trailer for JJ Abrams' Star Trek on a 15 minute loop on the lot on Friday. Here is a brief decryption of what you will see:

  • A 60's style corvette convertible tears down the road, a policeman in hot pursuit.
  • The driver, a 13-year-old boy, leaps from the car right as it goes off a cliff.
  • Reveal: the policeman has a hover bike
  • The Policeman asks "Who are you? What's Your Name?" The boy answers "James Tiberius Kirk!"
  • Kirk years later, a young man (Chris Pine) is riding a hover bike
  • Voice Over: "You never found yourself here, you never really fit in. What you choose to do with you're life is up to you.
  • Young kirk stares at a huge futuristic structure, possibly Star Fleet headquarters or the factory where the Enterprise is being constructed
  • Maybe you were meant for something different, something... bigger."
  • Shots of Spock as a baby, toddler, and then a 20-something-year-old Spock yelling at Kirk
  • Quick cuts of spaceships and lots of other fun stuff
  • You can read the full description over at AICN. It doesn't sound exactly what I was expecting, especially the beginning sequence. The trailer will likely be attached to Quantum of Solace when it hits American theaters onĀ  November 14th 2008.