Pushing Daisies Creator Bryan Fuller To Return To Heroes?

When Heroes writers/producers Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander were ousted from the show, it was clear that series creator Tim Kring was looking to change things up. I personally stopped watching Heroes because it became needlessly confusing and overstuffed—a far cry from what it was throughout most of its first season.

Now Kristin dos Santos is reporting that Kring may be aiming to repeat the golden days of that first season by bringing back Bryan Fuller, an acclaimed television writer who has made a habit of creating cult shows. Fuller created Dead Like Me (though he left due to disagreements with the show's drection), Wonderfalls (unjustifiably cancelled by Fox), and most recently, the sweetly morbid Pushing Daisies.He was a producer throughout most of season one of Heroes, wrote two of the best episodes of the series (most notably, "Company Man"), and was also responsible for much of Claire's plotline.

While still unconfirmed, Fuller's return could be exactly what the show needs right now. It may be difficult to recall today, but season one of Heroes was a refreshingly tight narrative experience (until the finale at least). At the time Lost was muddled in its own convoluted plot machinations, and Heroes served as a sort of anti-Lost for genre television. It's ironic that today the situation is almost exactly reversed now that Lost is back to kicking ass.

The only issue with Fuller's return is that he'll have to spend less time with his current baby, Pushing Daisies. He could balance his time between both shows—it's certainly not unheard of—but his potential availability may also hint that Pushing Daisies may not return next season, which is something I'm not quite prepared to think about just yet.

Discuss: How do you feel about the state of Heroes? Do you think firing Loeb and Alexander was wise? Do you think Bryan Fuller could restore the show's former greatness?