Another Planet Of The Apes Reboot?

According to CHUD, Fox is considering (read: probably won't happen) relaunching the Planet of the Apes series again with a remake of the prequel Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. Referred to internally as Genesis: Apes, the script written by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver is set in modern times and tells the story of Caesar, the first talking intelligent ape who leads a campaign to unite the species and overthrow human society.

I agree that Tim Burton's remake of the original film was a disaster, but I'm not sure going with a relaunch/prequel is a good idea either. I would rather them hire a visionary with a good sense of story to completely rewrite a film based solely on only the few core elements. I'd like to see it set only a few years in the future, just weeks after the Apes take control of our planet. I'm not really interested in seeing the uprising as much as the immediate aftermath, where the Apes and the humans are still trying to figure out this new world.

Discuss: Should Fox try rebooting Planet of the Apes? And if so, what approach should they take?