Lower Manhattan Uncensored In HD Watchmen Trailer

You've seen the latest extended Watchmen movie trailer which premiered during the Spike TV Scream 2008 Awards, right? Did you see lower Manhattan?

For those of you who don't know, Doctor Manhattan can alter his body's size, and unlike The Incredible Hulk, he doesn't have magical stretchy pants which grow and shrink with this power of transformation. The result is that Dr. Manhattan spends most of his days naked. And Zack Snyder didn't try to find away around this for the big screen adaptation.

/Film reader Oscar comments that Dr. Manhattan can "control all matter, you don't think he can make his own clothes grow the way does his body? He doesn't wear clothes because he's detached from humanity and he doesn't need clothes for modesty's sake and certainly not to protect him from the elements."

And while I expected to see Dr. Manhattan's full frontal nudity in the R-rated film, I never expected to see it on SpikeTV's extended movie trailer. But Newsarama discovered that if you take a look at the high definition version of the extended trailer, and pause at the exact right frame, you can see lower Manhattan. Uncensored image after the jump.

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