Seth Green To Direct Freshmen Comic Book Movie

Somehow we missed this last week. Seth Green told Moviehole that he is going to direct a big screen adaptation of Freshmen, the comic book series he co-created with friend Hugh Sterbakov. Green says they're "writing the feature, and we're gonna make it when it's ready". They are currently looking for a studio to finance the film, which will likely require a $35 million budget.

Published by Top Cow, the first issue came out in June 2005, marketed as "The adventures of college freshman with extraordinary powers." They have since published two volumes of six comics each. The story revolves around 14 college freshmen who are forced to live in temporary housing in the Boughl Science Building. After an "ax-cell-erator" explosion, the group of students receive superhuman powers. The comic book obsessed student who went for pizza at the time of the accident (and has now powers as a result of not being there) talks the freshmen into becoming superheroes.

Green describes it as "Revenge of the Nerds meets X-Men". Sounds like it has a lot of potential. I'd even enjoy seeing this turned into a television series. But can Seth Green direct a superhero film? Green has directed 11 episodes of Robot Chicken, including the Star Wars TV movie. But there is a lot of difference between a stop animated tv show and a superheo movie. Call me skeptical but interested.